Campus Network Services for International Students

When to Authenticate

The campus information resources on the BNU intranet can be directly used without the authentication. However, visiting the external network resources will acquire authentication of the charging system.

How to Create an Account

The Internet account will be created and designated to the students before their arrival. The user name is the student ID, and the initial password is eight-digit number of the birthday of each student. (For example, student ID: 201153091234, Password: 19860203)

What are the Charging Standards?

It can be divided into four categories:
銆銆10 yuan, 10.00 yuan/month, 5GB flow, exceeding amount will be charged 0.005 yuan/MB;
銆銆20 yuan, 20.00 yuan/month, 12GB flow, exceeding amount will be charged 0.005 yuan/MB;
銆銆30 yuan, 30.00 yuan/month, 20GB flow, exceeding amount will be charged 0.005 yuan/MB;
銆銆60.00 yuan/month, no flow limit.
Notes: the default charging mode is 10.00 yuan/month (only downstream flow amount is recorded). The user can log on the self service system to modify the mode for the next month. Modification within the month will be effective the following month; otherwise, the same charging mode will be used.


How to Pay the Network Fee?

Pay through the Auto-Transfer Machines on campus, and the default consumption password of the campus card is 666666.

The procedure on the Auto-Transfer Machines is as follows: Services鈥擨nternet Fee鈥攑ay for the current account (if your want to pay for another account from your current account, please choose 鈥減ay for the other account鈥 and enter the account number)鈥攅nter the money amount (100 yuan at most for each time, if more money needs to be transferred, please repeat the operation.)鈥攖ype your card consumption password (the default consumption password of the campus card is 666666)鈥擲uccessful operation prompt.


What are the Cost Settlement Strategies and Time?

The Network fees will be settled on the first day of each month for the costs of the previous month. No fee would be charged if you didn鈥檛 use the external network the previous month.

How to Use the Wire-connected Network and Wireless Internet Access

  1. Wire-connected Network
    Students in No. 1 and 2 International Students Dorms and Lanhui Dorm can automatically acquire an IP address and other network parameters;
    Connect the Ethernet cable to the computer;
    BNU campus information resources can be directly used without authentication. For example: BNU鈥檚 home page
    If you visit the external network resources, the network authentication client software need to be downloaded. After authentication, it will be available. If it is the first time for you to use the network, you can activate the browser (such as IE), input the authentication gateway address or you can directly input an external web site (the system will automatically enter the authentication page), then download and run the client, input user name and password, and click "login".
    While surfing the Internet, please do not close the successfully logged in window. You can close it after finishing your online surfing.
  2. Wireless Network
    There are two types of wireless signals on campus: BNU and BNU鈥搒tudent. The former covers the teaching districts and scientific research district, while the latter can be used in the student's dormitory area and some teaching districts. Both approaches can be adopted and the one with a stronger signal should be used. There is one difference between the two which worth your attention: wireless identity authentication will only appear when you are trying to connect through BNU 鈥搒tudent.
    Here are the operation steps to access internet through wireless:
    Search for wireless signal and connect;
    If you choose BNU鈥搒tudent, please enter your Internet user name and password when the wireless identity authentication interface appears. Please maintain this page running during your Internet surfing time.
    If you choose BNU, you can only visit the campus resources after your connect successfully. If you want to visit the external network resources, please downloaded the network authentication client software. Authentication through client software is similar to Wire-connected network access.

How to Modify your Internet Password

Login self-help service system ( ), input the user name and password, and then modify your new password under the menu of 鈥渕y profile鈥.


How to Change the Monthly Service-charge Plan

Login self-help service system (, input the user name and password. You can choose the charging package you like under the menu of 鈥渕y profile鈥濃斺渕odify next charging category鈥. Modifications within the month will be effective the following month, without any impact of the current month.


How to Access the Internet after Exceeding the Internet Flow Limit

When the Internet flow reaches the corresponding charging mode up limit, the user account will be automatically locked. If you want to maintain external network access, you need to pre-pay certain amount of network fees and then login the self-help service system to change the charging mode into a mode of allowing exceeding flow. Then it will be charged by 0.02 yuan/MB. The exceeding flow mode will not impact the following month鈥檚 charging mode.


How to Check the Cost of Internet Service and Cost Balance

Log on, enter your user account and password, and click 鈥渟elf-help service鈥 link. Then you can enter the user service page to acquire the information. You can also query from the self-help service of the client software.


How to Get Through the Authentication Charging Gateway

Teaching districts and scientific research districts: please visit , enter your user account and password on the login page. You can choose either "domestic" or "international", otherwise you can also use the client software.
The student's dormitory area: please visit, download the client software, and enter your user account and password in the client software. You can choose either "domestic" or "international".


How to Reset the Internet Password

Log on, enter your user account and password, click 鈥渟elf-help service鈥 link, and then you can enter user service page and change the password. Changing a password while logged on through the client software is not effective, so please reset your password through the website after you log out from the client software.

What Can I Do When I can鈥檛 Access the Internet?

  1. Check local connection to see if it is disabled or disconnected;
  2. Confirm IP address and subnet mask and other network parameters to see if they are set correctly;
  3. Check whether the invalid proxy server is set up;
  4. Check whether firewall security level is set too high;
  5. Use others鈥 cable and computer to try out to see if there is any problem with your network port or connection;
  6. Call network hotline at 58808113 for consultation or repairs.

Which Firewall Software is Better?

Generally you do not need to install a network firewall separately. Usually, you can use the firewall software attached to Windows system. If you use third party firewall software, which is unfamiliar to you, you would go through a lot of unnecessary trouble.

What Can I Do If There Is an Insufficient Internet Port in My Dorm?

You can buy a switchboard with four or eight ports. It is not recommended to purchase a router whose first WAN port can鈥檛 be used; otherwise no network access can be maintained in the dorm area. One switchboard can鈥檛 be connected to two connection ports simultaneously; otherwise, it will create a loop, leading to the network port seal off.

Why Can鈥檛 I Access Internet though My Device Found Strong Wireless Network Signal?

You may have no access to the Internet as a result of being a far distance from the signal source and there may be a longer delay, or because a personal Internet terminal from some remote or corner region will fail to return the communication interactive packets to the wireless signal source.

How to Report the Network Fault Repair

  1. Call 58808113 for repair;
  2. By the authentication charging gateway of self service system online to report Fault Repair.

Contact Information of the Center of Information and Network

Integrated Service Department at the Center of Information and Network
Office Address: the south side of the first floor of the Learning Building. 16
Consultation Telephone: 58808113/58803007
Voice Service Telephone: 58807474
Web address:
Campus Card Online Self-help Service Platform: